GUITARIST Jacob Greenhalgh Lee delivered his own protest message against housing development south of Atherton when he sang his self-penned song ‘Concrete Jungle’ at the Punchfest charity event in aid of Motor Neurone Disease.

The 14-year-old, who was appearing with his band Standing Room Only at the music festival at the Punch Bowl pub in Atherton, grabbed the microphone to voice his fears about the loss of green space and wildlife habitat if 1,500 houses are built on land at Atherton, Hindsford and Howe Bridge.

Save Atherton South campaigners supported the weekend festival, which featured local bands including Leigh-based Redacted made-up of Matthew Gilman, Ian Blackburn, John Bilsbury and Liam Dennon.

They rocked the pub in the pouring rain for charity with versions of songs including The Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams and Proud Mary plus their own song Scarlet Fever.

The Save Atherton South campaigners are staging an update meeting from 10am until noon today at the Jubilee Hall, in Crab Tree Lane, Atherton.

SAS spokesman Barbara Constantine said: “We’re asking people to back our fight.

“We aim to present our portfolio of objections to a barrister and get legal representation against the Atherton South development proposals.”

She added help would be provided for people who wish to comment on the proposals before the cut-off date next weekend.