A CHURCH used by community groups was ransacked by burglars who stole thousands of pounds of equipment used by youngsters.

Volunteers arrived at Bright Meadows Fellowship Hall in Winchester Way, Breightmet , to find that thieves had stolen computers and music equipment worth several thousand pounds.

They wrecked the rooms and offices, taking all the files out of cabinets. Carpets and toys were said to be ruined.

It is thought the thieves broke in by removing a window.

The church hosts a meeting place and activity session for teenagers on Friday evenings called the ROC cafe, which stands for “redeeming our communities”. Last week’s meeting had to be cancelled because of the break-in.

Volunteers worked to clear up the mess after it was discovered on Friday and the window was re-fitted in time for the service on Sunday.

Minister Amanda Munro, who manages the ROC centre, said: “They had taken the frame out of the window.

“There are metal bars but they had unscrewed them and left the window nicely propped up against the wall for us.

“They trashed the offices and took every file out of the cabinet. The carpets are ruined they are covered in dust.

“Everything we do here is for the community and the community is in uproar about it.

“Community spirit has been amazing. We have activities here seven days a week and it is the kids that suffer because of this.

“It was the worst thing seeing the children’s faces when they came on Friday night and we had to turn them away. Any burglary is awful, but I can’t believe they have stolen from the children.”

Police are investigating the incident and anyone with information is asked to contact them on 101.