A MAN told a court how he narrowly missed an incident in which the driver of a 4x4 pick-up truck allegedly drove at his friends — because he was relieving himself.

Damon Weir was out with friends in Darcy Lever, Bolton Crown Court heard, when he stopped to urinate by the side of the Volunteer pub in Radcliffe Road in the early hours of May 7.

He told the court he then heard a loud screeching noise, which he believed to be a vehicle.

When he caught up with the group, one of his friends, Lee Dootson, was lying in a nearby garden after being knocked unconscious by a vehicle that had mounted the kerb and hit him from behind, the court was told.

Henry Hill, aged 51, of Hills Showman Park, Morris Street, Bolton, admits driving the truck, but has pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving, two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and four counts of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent.

Mr Weir, who gave evidence from behind a screen, said: “I heard a loud screech, then I saw a 4X4 go past.

“I heard a bit of a skid and some commotion. It sounded like a car had gone off really fast.

“I didn’t see anything straightaway, then I saw a 4x4 drive in the same direction my friends were walking in. I could hear male voices shouting.”

After hearing the commotion, he called his friend Danny Roberts, who told him what happened.

Mr Weir said: “Lee Dootson was laid on a front garden. The others were panicking on the pavement about Lee.”

Mr Weir said he called 999 and waited for the emergency services to arrive before going in a taxi to hospital with his friend, Christopher Boothwell.

Hill claims he stopped beside the group of friends and they surrounded and attacked the truck.

The incident followed a fight outside the Farmers Arms pub where the group were involved in a fight with two men from another group, which included Hill’s son, Kurt Hill.

Mr Dootson suffered a dislocated foot and broken ankle which needed surgery to insert a metal plate and six screws, while Mr Boothwell suffered a broken wrist.

The case continues.