THE owners of a Yorkshire Terrier that was savaged to death by another dog have written to a judge demanding a longer jail sentence for the killer animal’s owner.

Ben Cox, aged 25, was jailed for 10 weeks after his Staffordshire bull terrier, Chaos, attacked Mark and Margaret Raftery’s dog, Rosie, as she was being walked in Blackshaw Lane, Deane, on May 24.

The couple, of Fearnstead, Deane, have now written to District Judge Jonathan Finestein to ask him to consider a harsher sentence.

The court heard that Chaos escaped from a back yard and savaged Rosie, but Mr and Mrs Raftery said CCTV footage from their building, which was not shown in court, shows that Chaos was initially on a lead.

Mrs Raftery said: “I think it’s a joke. There’s no justice for us.

We are not happy at all.

“Rosie is getting flowers instead of dog treats now. And why is Ben Cox’s dog roaming free? I hope Chaos is destroyed.

Rosie was very precious to us.

“She was so tiny. She was smaller than a cat. She only weighed 5 or 6lbs. We can’t get over it.” In his letter, Mr Raftery wrote: “Please tell me why Rosie’s life is only worth 10 weeks in jail. He will only do half the sentence. It seems the offender wins every time.”

Before Cox was jailed on Friday, District Judge Finestein remanded him in custody for a week after he failed to tell the court where Chaos is now.

Cox claimed he did not know where his dog is, saying that in a separate incident after the attack, his dog ran away afterchasing a cat.

He claims Chaos has not been seen since.

District Judge Finestein raised concern about “a lethal dog” being on the loose and ordered that Chaos should be destroyed.