HOW lucky you Boltonians are indeed! Here I am in Stalybridge with friends from Crewe, Shrewsbury and Bakewell all eagerly awaiting the premiere of the Bolton Octagon’s Lighthearted Intercourse, by Bill Naughton.

It runs to November 3 and ticket prices are a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.

For the third consecutive year, the great David Thacker is the Octagon’s director. He’s garlanded with awards, was regarded by Arthur Miller, that giant of theatre, as a son. He’s been director of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, of the National Theatre, of the Young Vic, of the Dukes Lancaster. He could go anywhere in the English-speaking world and yet he chooses to come to Bolton, and he really cares what the audience thinks.

And now, double treat! Bill Naughton, Bolton’s beloved playwright whose tender, funny insights into the human condition pack the theatres when Spring and Port Wine and Alfie play, has left a play on which he was working when he died.

Naughton's widow was thrilled when David Thacker rolled up his sleeves and slaved over the 10 or so drafts of the play that Naughton so desperately wanted to stage. And here it is! A sparkling new premiere and the coming together of two great talents.

I am two train journeys away from Bolton, but my friends envy me.

Please support your marvellous Octagon. Give me something to brag about, even though I live in Cheshire!

Annie Eagleton West Street Stalybridge