BUILDING a house in a garden area in Blackrod would encourage neighbours to do the same, Bolton Council’s leader warned as plans were thrown out.

Andrea Connolly asked the council if she could build a detached house at the back of her home in Chorley Road, Bolton.

At a town hall meeting, Bolton planning committee went against the advice of planning officers and refused the application. Bolton Council leader, Cllr Cliff Morris, said: “What worries me is that, if we were to pass applications like this, why wouldn’t the neighbours just do the same?” Five people objected to the scheme in writing..

Harry Ogden, of Chorley Road, said: “There is no direct access from the main road to this site, save by a single track Manoeuvrability along this passageway is very tight and only possible if kept clear at all times.” In a letter, Andrew Smith, of Chorley Road, wrote: “The plots have been rented and used as gardens for over 50 years. This development is fundamentally a garden development. It would result in an unacceptable loss of privacy.