A MAN died from a cancer associated with working with asbestos, an inquest heard.

John Devine, who died in September, was employed by a company where asbestos was used from 1954 to 1980.

The Bolton inquest was told that in July Mr Devine, aged 79, had written a statement — read out in court — detailing his working life in Little Lever where he was exposed to asbestos.

He said that although dust masks were provided for staff, they were not warned of the dangers of breathing asbestos dust and wearing the masks was not a requirement.

In May, Mr Devine, of Bardsley Close, Harwood, was examined by consultant chest physician Dr Kamal Ibrahim and, following tests, mesothelioma was diagnosed — a cancer affecting the lungs and associated with asbestos exposure.

Although Mr Devine started chemotherapy, it had to be discontinued when he became too unwell for the treatment and he died on September 21 at Bolton Hospice.

Pathologist Dr Patrick Waugh confirmed that Mr Devine was suffering from heart disease, but had died as a result of malignant pleural mesothelioma and confirmed this would be “undoubtedly” as a result of his expose to asbestos during his working life.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh said Mr Devine had died as a result of an industrial disease.