POLICE are still waiting to question a man who blew off part of his hand while allegedly making a bomb.

Martin Middleton, aged 26, is in hospital and had surgery on his hand last week.

He was assessed by doctors on Monday and will be assessed again tomorrow.

Mr Middleton’s injury is described as a “serious hand injury”, but it is not life threatening. It is understood that he has lost some of his fingers.

Police are unable to quiz Mr Middleton about the events in Harwood on Sunday, January 13, until doctors give them the clearance to do so.

It is understood he had been making a pipebomb, although it is unclear as to the motive behind it.

Forty houses had to be evacuated in Lea Gate, Harwood, when the incident took place.

Police searched two other properties in Tonge Moor as part of the investigation, but no explosive items were found.

Officers went to a house in Hartfield Walk, Tonge Moor, on Sunday, which is thought to be where Mr Middleton’s mother lives.

He had recently moved to Lea Gate with his girlfriend, Kay Emerson, who is understood to be pregnant.

Mr Middleton has been arrested on suspicion of causing an explosion likely to endanger life or property.