KEIRA Thomasson has donated an amazing eight inches of her luscious long locks to help poorly youngsters.

The eight-year-old, from Sharples, was moved to take the drastic action after seeing a young girl on television donate her hair to The Little Princess Trust.

The charity collects hair for wigs for children who have lost their hair because of cancer or alopecia.

Keira, a Year Four pupil at High Lawn Primary School in Holden Avenue, Sharples, said before the big chop, said: “I just love my hair so much I never want to get it cut. I wanted to do it because my Uncle Dennis died of cancer.”

Melissa Hamilton, from Brown Cow salon, in Halliwell Road, was the brave hairdresser who cut Keira’s hair.

Keira said: “I had my hair cut for charity in a bob with a side fringe.

“Having a wig will make people feel like that have their own hair back.

“I was just sat cuddling my fox teddy because I was so nervous thinking about what I'd look like. I think it looks really nice and people have said I look older.”

Before undergoing the cut, Keira called her grandfather, Sam Allred, and asked for his permission as he always says little girls should have long hair.

Keira’s mum Carlina Thomasson also transformed her long hair into a stylish new look by cutting off 10 inches for the charity.

Mrs Thomasson said: “Keira wants to help others all of the time. Every morning she has been asking me how much she has raised. She just wants to help millions of people.”

Keira has also managed to raise more than £600 for the cause.

The High Lawn Club, the school’s holiday club, held a party to celebrate Keira’s kind gesture.

The Thomasson family wanted to thank Brown Cow salon for doing the haircut for free, Sarah Warren, manager of the school’s club, and Streamline Printing for making T-shirts promoting the challenge.

Anyone who wants to donate should visit