A FATHER says living next door to a nightmare neighbour has left him with no choice but to sell the family home.

Andrew Davenport’s neighbour, Karen Place, has been given a restraining order by Bolton magistrates after she launched a campaign of harassment against the Davenports.

Mr Davenport has praised the police and Bolton Council for bringing Place before the courts. But he has said the family wants to sell their home in Moorby Walk, Great Lever, because of the toll the abuse has taken on their lives.

Mr Davenport, aged 44, said: “We are pleased the courts have recognised the problem we have been having, but it is a restraining order for just 12 months. The investigation is still ongoing. We want to sell the family home and start afresh.

“We may lose money, but we just want to leave. My wife, Lisa, is worried about any repercussions.”

Problems came to a head in 2008 when Place assaulted Mrs Davenport, aged 31, in her home.

Bolton Magistrates Court heard that Place, aged 53, had harassed her neighbours five times between December and March, 2008.

The problems started again in November 2011, when Place began playing loud music late at night.

She had her stereo and speakers seized three times in just two months by the authorities for repeatedly playing loud music through the day and night.

Place was arrested on suspicion of harassment on Match 29 this year. Mr Davenport, who has two sons, aged 11 and six, said Place’s actions had affected the neighbourhood.

He said: “My wife is on anti-depressants, hopefully it is just short- term, my 11-year-old cannot sleep without the light on and I am just tired. It has been stressful. You should be able to come home and relax, not be on edge.

“It will sad leaving here, I grew up here and we do have good neighbours.” He added: “Children used to play outside here all the time, but have stopped doing so because of her.” Mr Davenport, a council worker, said he would continue to help with the investigation into Place even after the family move away from the area. He also encouraged other people with nightmare neighbours to take action A spokesman for Bolton at Home said that as it was an “on-going case”, he was unable to discuss Karen Place.