THREE cute kittens found abandoned in various locations across Bolton are in need of new homes.

Lulu, Spirit and Matt, who are now being cared for after being dumped by callous owners, have been named after the places where they were found.

RSPCA inspectors were called to rescue Lulu who was discovered by staff in the toilets at Morrisons in Blackhorse Street, Bolton, last Tuesday. Long-haired Spirit was named after being discovered soaked to the skin at Heaton Cemetery on Friday, June 22, and Matt was found in a cardboard box on a mat in a ginnell near Crossdale Road, in Breightmet, on Wednesday, June 13.

RSPCA Inspector Paul Heaton described the owners of the kittens as “despicable”.

The kittens are all thought to be 11 to 12 weeks old and in good health.

Julie Ashcroft, Bolton RSPCA branch administrator, said: “Spirit was absolutely drenched when she was found. She wasn’t feral.

“Lulu had been left in a toilet in Morrisons. And Matt was found by a member of the public but her child is allergic to cats.”

She said good homes are wanted for the kittens.

While it is unusual for the RSPCA to find three abandoned cats in a week, more are dumped over the summer as it is the breeding season.

Ms Ashcroft said: “Two of the kittens are with my colleague who has dogs and have been okay. The kittens would be suitable for people with children aged five and older. We don’t encourage people with babies to get cats as they can be scratchy.”

Mr Heaton said those who abandon or mistreat animals could face prosecution and could even be banned from keeping animals. He added: “It’s despicable in this day and age. If we could find any of the owners we would prosecute.”

Anyone who would like to provide a home for one of the three kittens would have to pay a small adoption fee. Anyone interested in giving a kitten a home should call the RSPCA, in St George’s Road, on 01204 521160.

l Anyone with information about the kittens or any other abandoned or mistreated pet should telephone 0300 1234 999.