A MOTHER was horrified when she returned home from holiday and discovered that shots had been fired at her home.

Michele Bentham came home from a cruise in Egypt on Thursday to find someone had shot holes in her front door.

Her 16-year-old son, John, had been staying at the house in Orchid Avenue, Farnworth, while she was away, but was not in at the time.

It is thought five glass panels in the door were damaged by air pellets.

Mrs Bentham, aged 48, said her son had gone out to get a takeaway between 3am and 4am on Saturday when the incident took place.

The police were called at the time and Mrs Bentham reported it again when she arrived home and asked for a police officer to visit.

She said: “I have been to Egypt on a cruise and I have seen no trouble and I have come back home to Farnworth to find this. It is very distressing and I am upset about it.

“My son had gone out to get a takeaway and came back to find air pellet holes in the door. He was petrified.

“He was scared and called the police. He is a good lad and has never been in trouble.

“It is frightening that someone can come and do something like this. What are we letting this country turn into?”

Other family members who live in Blackpool came to help repair the damage while Mrs Bentham was away.

She added: “Because of this my family are worried about my grandchildren staying at my house.”

Police confirmed that two reports had been received, on July 21 and 26.

A police spokesman said: “The exact cause of what damaged the windows is unknown but there were no other reports of similar damage in the area during the evening in question.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101.