BUS passengers are set to save money after an operator cut ticket prices.

It used to cost £3.10 for a single ticket to get from Breightmet or Withins to Bolton and First Bus has reduced that to £1.50.

Simon Pearson, of First, said: “We have listened to the views of our local customers.

“If the reduction is successful in encouraging more people to travel by First bus, it will be considered in other parts of the Bolton area.”

The reduction applies to the 536, the 561, the 562.

It also applies to the 510 between Red Bridge and Bolton and the 471 between Taylors Lane and Bolton.

Bolton Council ’s transport representative, Cllr David Chadwick, said: “I welcome this move.

“I am sure a number of residents in the area will benefit from the opportunity to save a few pounds in their pockets which can be spent elsewhere in Bolton to benefit the local economy.”