ANGRY villagers have joined forces in a bid to stop 170 homes being built on a popular beauty spot.

Adlington residents say the village does not have sufficient infrastructure to support a housing development of that size, and that it would have detrimental effect on the wildlife in the area.

Housing developers originally submitted plans to build 300 homes on the land off Huyton Terrace, formerly Baly Place Farm, in Bolton Road.

But Cheshire-based Fox Strategic Land and Property (FLP) withdrew the application and re-submitted a plan for 170 houses, which is due to go before Chorley Council’s planning committee on October 30.

Gillian Smith, who lives in Bolton Road, said: “Nobody wants this development. We just don’t understand why they have to build on a greenfield site when there’s plenty of brownfield sites ready to be developed and houses sitting empty in the area.

“The infrastructure cannot cope with the demand an extra 200 people would bring. The medical centre does not have the capacity, neither does the school or the access to the site on Bolton Road.

“Also it will take out a section of the Adlington circular walk, where we have deer and lots of other wildlife.”

Huyton Terrace is currently an unsurfaced single track path that leads to a row of stone cottages and a large detached house .

The track joins Bolton Road on the brow of a slight hill. The application includes plans to demolish two bungalows in Bolton Road to create a new site entrance.

According to FLP, the plans are a response to a demand for housing in the area.

Chorley Council is in the process of creating a new local development framework, which will set out its strategy for housing developments for the next five years.

A Chorley Council spokesman said: “The plans are still out to consultation for local people to have their say but it is hoped that the application will go to the development control committee on October 30.”