MILLWALL football club has pledged to call in police to investigate claims that four Bolton Wanderers players were subjected to racist abuse.

Whites forward Marvin Sordell claimed on Twitter that he was taunted by fans at the London club’s ground on Saturday as he warmed up as a substitute.

He also alleged that three other Bolton players — Benik Afobe, Darren Pratley and Chung-Yong Lee — were abused during the match.

Scotland Yard said no official complaint had been made, but that any allegations would be investigated.

Ged Grebby, chief executive of Show Racism The Card, a charity founded in 1996 with the aim of using football to educate people about racism, said: “I share the shock Marvin and other Wanderers players experienced.

“It’s very sad that racist chanting can still occur in 2012.

“The news that both clubs are investigating these chants should be welcomed and I know that Millwall will do everything they can to take action against the participants.

“Both clubs are long-standing supporters of our work.”

Sordell, who also plays for the England under-21 side, said on the social networking site: “It’s 2012 in England and people are still shouting racial abuse at a football game!? #shocking.”

In another entry, he claimed Chung-Yong Lee, Darren Pratley and Benik Afobe also suffered abuse.

He said: “Chungy, Pratts, Benik and I had all sorts of things said to us. The police were standing yards away and did nothing.”

Both Millwall and Bolton are investigating the claims.

A statement from Millwall said: “The two clubs remain determined to do everything in their power to ensure that racist behaviour will not be tolerated.

“We will be speaking to the police and the match officials on this matter, but no further comment will be made until this process has been completed and the investigations have been concluded.”

Bolton said it was working with Millwall in the inquiry, and added: “Both clubs remain determined that racist behaviour or language will not be tolerated.”

A Kick it Out spokesman said it supported the investigation and was calling for “the strongest action” on all incidents of discrimination.