FIREFIGHTERS were called to an industrial estate after up to five tonnes of rubbish was ablaze.

Crews were called to land off Wingates Industrial Estate just after 7am on Saturday.

Between four to five tonnes of rubbish was on fire and two out of three mounds of waste piled on the land were on fire.

They were on the scene throughout the day pouring water on the pile of rubbish.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation but fire officers are not ruling out arson.

Crew Commander Dave Holden at Bolton Central Fire Station said: “Through the council we will be asking for the landowners to clear the site as soon as possible.

“Fortunately because of the wind direction and the open land meant there was no real smell of burning plastics.

“Had the third mound caught fire then it could have been far worse.”

Crews poured water on the rubbish until a special 4x4 appliance from Lancashire was called to break up the mound and ensure all embers were out.

Firefighters were able to leave the scene at around 4pm.