School Letting Solutions, Lostock Office Park

THIS week’s Business of the Week is Bolton-based School Letting Solutions.

What makes us great? Is it the fact that we were born from the ideas of two visionaries who believed they could do it better? Is it that we started small and grew exponentially, organically and nationally?

Is it our unique business model that makes us great? Or is it the fact that we create a solution to a national issue?

That we help schools, when they are in need? In an era of funding cuts, is what makes us great how we help schools to gain more profit from their existing facilities at no cost to them through our profit share model?

Is it how we help local communities come together that makes us great? Or is it the lives we are helping to change and make healthier through having access to facilities in which to exercise?

Perhaps it is all the local businesses who have thrived through our partnerships? Is it our unique approach to marketing, our use of modern technology or our modern offices that make us great?

No… It is our dedicated, hard-working and forward-thinking people. From our head office in Bolton to every corner of the country, our School Lettings Solutions staff make us great.

School Lettings Solutions is the UK’s leading school lettings company, matching schools seeking to earn extra income from their facilities and engage with their local community with clubs looking for quality, affordable spaces. It is our mission to ensure that all members of local communities have access to activities that enable them to reach their potential in life.

We provide schools, academies and colleges an end-to-end service that provides marketing, booking management, invoicing and payments. We even provide staff for the facilities, ensuring the highest standards of safeguarding and health and safety. And we provide all of this at no cost to our partner schools. Currently, we work with more than 150 schools to improve access to facilities for over 5,000 sports clubs, performing art groups and community organisations.