FLY-TIPPERS have dumped huge amounts of rubbish including a sofa, a cupboard, a washing machine and even asbestos at a Bolton beauty spot.

Visitors to Bradshaw Brook were horrified when they discovered the rubbish and it comes just weeks after hundreds of dead fish were seen in the water.

Volunteers from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust have only recently cleared 42 bags of waste from the site.

And last month Gary Fleming, from Ramsbottom, saw 700 dead fish when he was walking close to Jumbles reservoir.

Alan Wright, Wildlife Trust communications officer, said: “It is heartbreaking to think that all the hard work done by the Friends group, our staff and volunteers has been ruined by someone who cannot be bothered driving to the local tip.

“Surely they must realise that they are ruining Bradshaw Brook and Seven Acres, a beautiful spot for walkers, nature lovers and wildlife?

“It is a real shame but we will continue to clear up their mess to make sure everyone else enjoys this nature reserve.

“As far as the asbestos is concerned, we will have to get specialists in to remove that, which is just more expense.”

Bradshaw Brook connects the Wayoh and Jumbles reservoirs, which are also connected to three other reservoirs, including the Turton and Entwistle reservoir.

The Environment Agency, which is investigating the fish deaths, believes a pollutant has entered the water.

During the last clean-up volunteers removed parts of a motorbike, an Xbox 360 and traffic cones.

The water is home to kingfishers, dippers, grey wagtails and herons.

Bradshaw Hall Fisheries said it had not been directly affected by the problems, as the flytipping and pollutant were not found in its fishing areas.