A FATHER who was caught money laundering has been told he must sell his family car.

Khan Miralam, aged 42, was found with a holdall containing thousands of pounds after a raid on his home in Croston Street, Daubhill, in August last year.

At the time he told officers that he was responsible for the holdall and nobody else — after leaving the cash stashed at his family home.

He was arrested after a police sting, during which he was seen entering and leaving Barclay’s bank in St Helens numerous times.

Miralam had £100,000 taken from him following a cash seizure hearing at Oldham Magistrates Court and now he has been told he must also give up his Vauxhall Zafira car.

The decision was made by Judge Elliot Knopf during a proceeds of crime hearing at Bolton Crown Court yesterday.

Miralam was jailed for 16 months last year after pleading guilty to money laundering.

It was agreed that Miralam, who has a previous conviction for money laundering, had benefited from a £25,000 amount from his activities, and that the current available amount he could pay would need to come from the sale of his car, which is valued at £4,000.

Defending, Darren Preston said: “My client is a man of very limited means, he has a very large family and they are finding things difficult.”

He asked Judge Knopf if the defendant could therefore be allowed six months to sell the car and raise the funds, a time-scale objected to by prosecutor Henry Blackshaw who pointed out that the car would depreciate in value over that period.

After considering the arguments, Judge Knopf told Miralam that the money must be paid by 4pm on Saturday, August 29, and that failure to do so would result in Miralam returning to prison for two months.