A GAY man who suffered from horrendous bullying as a teenager has reassured other victims that they are not alone as part of a national campaigning week.

Peter Glover, from Leigh, was bullied over his sexuality at school after he came out at the age of 14.

Now 20, he says verbal and physical abuse from fellow pupils have had a lasting effect on him.

He added that it was only through joining the BYOU Plus support group that he felt able to be himself without fear of being bullied.

Peter said: “Once I'd come out people made fun of me and I wasn’t allowed in the boys changing rooms for PE and I had to get changed in the boys cubicles.

“It was very traumatic and I had stones chucked at me.

“I felt very isolated and it changed me.

"I have depression and anxiety as a result of being bullied.”

He credits BYOU Plus, an adult community group offering support for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, with 'changing his life completely'.

He added: “Before I was a scared little boy who wouldn’t socialise with people.

"I joined BYOU and I ended up realising I could be myself with other people.”

Peter’s renewed confidence is shown through his drag identity Lunaa Rose.

“Lunaa is me as a confident me," said Peter.

"She boosts my confidence and shows people who I can be."

Peter spoke out as part of Anti-Bullying Week, which ended on Friday.

He is passionate about making other young bullying victims feel able to speak to someone about what is happening to them.

“Through the BYOU groups in the Wigan borough there is always someone to speak to," Peter said.

"You are not alone.”

Bullying, and the rise of cyberbullying, is a huge issue all over the country.

Research shows that one in five young people in the north west have experienced bullying in the past year.

If you are aged 13 to 19 you can contact BYOU on b.youproject@wigan.gov.uk.

Adults can visit byoupluswigan.com or e-mail byoupluswigan@gmail.com.

For more information about bullying go online at linc2.gov.uk.