Today is Monday and we have decided to spend the morning revisiting Monte Moria, all of the team have loved spending time with the children, and we thought it would be a good idea to add our names and hand prints to the wall, Michaela, Mike’s eldest daughter, got a bit carried away and there is now a collection of tiny handprints at the base the wall. She has also really enjoyed playing with the children here, and we bought them a new football to replace the old falling apart one they had, and some rugby balls which were entirely new to them! It will be really sad to leave here and many of the team have said they would love to take a child home if they could, clearly they have made a big impression on us all. Isobel Lally said: ¨At first glance you wouldn’t realize that these kids had been through the traumatic things they have, one of the first stories we heard was about a mother who got a new boyfriend who didn’t want children, so they locked the kids in the house and attempted to burn it down, when I heard this story it really moved me and I seriously wondered how a mother would be able to do that to children so vulnerable but yet so friendly, this is the first time I have experienced this first hand and it has been life changing.¨ This afternoon some of the team will return to the building project on shopping park and visit families giving out the clothes they have brought, whilst others will remain here in Monte Moria and lead some singing/dancing work shops for the children and play some more games with them. Hopefully we will learn more of their stories and be able to spend a really enjoyable time with them.

End of blog, couldn’t send more than one email so the next bit is for my mum.

Hiya mum, Mike is wondering if, when you pick me up from the airport, you could bring some Tetley’s decaf tea bags and some weatabix?????


Can’t wait to see you J Love, Tess Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx