YOUNG people at Kearsley Academy are becoming “Olympians in their own learning”.

Teachers are using the Games as a motivational tool to drive up already soaring standards.

The Year Seven curriculum has been inspired by the values of the Olympics, which will be held in London next year.

The school had a visit from boxer Natasha Jonas who spoke about how she had achieved success and how those principles could be applied in the classroom.

Natasha, aged 26, started boxing five years ago and her drive and dedication to carve out a successful sporting career has won her numerous trophies.

She is training to be a part of the London 2012 Team GB and is also a mentor visiting schools, inspiring young people through the competition.

Now, pupils will be exploring the values of the Olympics in their lessons such as the concept of fair play, an important underlying principle of the Games, in human rights and the results of important historical protests.

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