HERE at Looking Back we love to reunite people who have lost touch or, alternatively, people with items they may have mislaid.

Here we have a photograph that was found close to Thornleigh School in Bolton and the finder hopes we might be able to discover who it belongs to and give it back to them.

Did you lose this photograph while out and about in the Sharples Park area of Bolton?

It shows a group of men who appear to be soldiers in a camp setting. Where the camp is and where the men are from remains a mystery although there are names on the back of the image that could lead to the owner being found.

On the back is written "wishing you all the best form the boys and myself" and it is also signed "with love Tom" followed by several kisses. Perhaps it was a photograph sent to a sweetheart.

It also appears to bear the names seven of the men so Tom is obviously the eighth member of the gang.

The men, who have signed their own names on the back of the photograph, are: Linden, Reynolds, Ellis, Duval, Wallwork, Knight and a further name that is difficult to decipher but perhaps the owner of the picture will be able to shed some light on it.

If you know anyone on the photograph or perhaps you are the owner of the image please get in touch and we can reunite you with it. Contact Gayle McBain on 01204 537269 or email


When we featured the old image of Valletts Lane in Bolton it attracted a great deal of interest from our readers.

This a hugely popular area of Bolton and it has changed over the years.

Mr Hardman got in touch to tell us about his experience of living "in what we called The Valley" more than 60 years ago.

"Valletts Lane used to run from Church Road to Ivy Road and off the lane was Horrocks Street and Benson Street. On the other side was a council land fill site.

"The pub was called the Gardeners' Arms and the landlord was a former international football called Donaldson.

"He turned the bowling green into a football pitch for the young of the area, which put the old men's backs up," he says.