GROWERS, makers and bakers showed off the fruits of their labour at the Horwich Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Show.

The community centre was packed with homegrown produce as well as sweeter alternatives including homemade jams and cakes.

There were sections for fruit and vegetables as well as flowers and potted plants. Categories in the home produce section include Victoria sponge, fruit scones, chocolate cake and preserves.

There was also a special ‘best garden on a plate’ section for children.

Lynn Rock, mayoress, said: "It went really well. There was a lot of homemade jams, cakes and produce.

"It has been such a good event from when I was a councillor. I used to be on the board that ran the competition and I do miss it at times.

"We used to have the Horwich in Bloom and then the flower show. It used to be really good and it is now the same now.

"But there were lots of things there and a lot more involvement with the children. It was great."

Among the awards handed out was the Marie Evans Cup for best fruit and vegetable display, which went to Robert Pass.

And there was also the presentation for the Horwich In Bloom prizes, the judging for which took place in July.

Mayor of Horwich Cllr Steve Rock previously said he was impressed with the effort Horwich folk had put into their displays.

He said: "There have been a lot of really good entries this year. There are some really nice gardens in the town.

"The town clerk and I saw a lot of nice gardens that had not entered and we were wondering why."

These were domestic front garden, domestic containers, non-domestic gardens, non-domestic window display, first time entries, overall winner, town mayor’s favourite garden, best garden feature, primary school display and secondary school display. The overall prize went to 4 Moor Platt Close.

The mayor of Horwich Cllr Steve Rock praised this year’s effort and the community for helping to make the town look nice.

He also praised the creator of the display he chose as the winner of the mayor’s favourite garden, 42 Dickinson Street West

He said: "The one I picked as the mayor’s favourite was a terraced house on Dickenson Street West.

"I picked it out because the most you can usually get out of a terraced house is a hanging basket but they had done the full front of the house. I think it is quite amazing."