A SONG which became a viral hit has become a Bolton singer's next single.

Rob Doherty came up with his latest release as a humorous take on his life growing up on a council estate.

After putting it on a community Facebook page it unexpectedly took off and he was invited to record a live version.

The video has now had more than 41,000 views and been shared by more than 200 people.

The song 'Council Made' is now set to be released with the next month, recorded with Paul Ainscough – known as Manchester based trance producer Nebula 66.

Rob said: "I put a song on Facebook page Council Estate Life and thought nothing of it but it became popular and they asked me to do a live set for the page.

"The song is about growing up on a council estate and all the funny things that happened and you see. It was not very serious.

"I recorded an acoustic bit with the producer and now it's had over 40 thousand views and people have been really supportive of it. People from similar backgrounds seem to like it as it shows it's not all doom and gloom!

"I thought it was a no brainer to release it as a single so people could have their own copy."

The singer and songwriter, who grew up in Leeds, moved to Horwich a few years ago.

His previous music life has seen him performing as part of a boyband and indie-rock band Sound of Silence.

He is now going it solo as an acoustic singer and has had previous tracks played on BBC Introducing Leeds.

Rob explains: "I am doing acoustic and really enjoying it.

"I am more comfortable with what I am doing right now. everything seems to be clicking into place, the songs I'm writing at the minute all feel natural and comfortable. it is a good time for me."

Most recently Rob hit the stage for the revival of the Fox Fest in Bolton, alongside other local stars including The Jade Assembly and Jordan Allen.

Fans can also catch him on stage for Bolton Pride – an event he also supported last year – on Sunday.

Keen to support local initiatives, Rob can also be found entertaining audiences at Horwich art centre Nutmeg 'n' Vanilla on October 10 as part of the fundraising event for World Mental Health Day.

He adds: "I love performing in Bolton. All the people that, no matter what gig you go to in Bolton, are so friendly and warm. That's why I love performing here so much!"

Along with the launch of the new single, Rob is also planning a solo tour around venues in the UK.

To find out more visit his 'Rob Doherty Music' Facebook page.