A CAMPAIGN fighting hate crime in Horwich and Blackrod could begin next year.

Cllr Peter Wright, who represents Bridge Ward on Horwich Town Council, carried out a small campaign during Hate Crime Awareness Week.

It came after recent reports earlier this year that hate crime had soared across the country after Brexit and recent terrorist incidents, including the attack at Manchester Arena in May.

Cllr Peter Wright, who represents Bridge Ward on Horwich Town Council, said: "I just ran a campaign for the week and it was just putting posters up around the town.

"We were really just getting prepared for next year to do a full hate crime awareness campaign.

"I know there have been some issues, particularly against immigrants and Muslims, but the campaign is tackling all sorts of hate crime.

"There have also been offences against the LGBT community and I am involved with the Horwich Colour Festival, which will hopefully be coming next year.

"I did some research and there were not many events going on in the Horwich area. There are plenty in Bolton.

"That is why I got involved with doing this poster campaign in Horwich and in Blackrod."

Cllr Wright was made a trustee of Horwich Colour Festival by founder Anthony Bonney.

Mr Bonney, who has set up the group with co-founder Ryan Shaw, is hoping to hold an event next year

The aim is to put on a one-day festival featuring live performances and market stalls on a different date to Bolton Pride so as not to draw focus away from the huge annual event.

Mr Bonney, from Moses Gate, Farnworth, said: "Horwich doesn’t have much of an LGBT community but that’s not going to stop us as we are here for the whole community."