JUNIOR school pupils Thomas Kristofferson, 10, and seven-year-old Rosie Simpson, took over the running of their school as part of Takeover Day 2012.

At Atherton St George's CE Primary Thomas took the role of headteacher from Mrs Rachael Coulthard for the day, and Rosie relieved Miss Lisa Young from her duties as deputy head.

Rosie said: "We have had loads of different jobs to do today and I have been going round to all the classes and seeing what has been going well and what could be better.

"I've decided I would like to improve the school by making sure lessons are always fun and full of humour."

Mrs Coulthard said: "We like the idea of involving children in the running of this school and giving them a voice.

"After the Police Crime Commissioner elections we left the polling booths up and gave the children an opportunity to vote for who they wanted to represent them in taking over our jobs. It teaches them about democracy and having a voice. "Thomas even confidently led a 30 minute assembly this morning so we have been very impressed with them both."

Last Friday young people got stuck into the world of work as Takeover Day 2012 hit the borough.

Teenagers took charge of housing, care plans and catering giving children and young people from all backgrounds the chance to work with adults for the day and be involved in decision-making, while adults, schools and organisations gained a fresh perspective on what they do.

Wigan Council Chief Executive Donna Hall also had Kristina Nicolson, 15, shadowing and helping on her busy day at Leigh Sports Village.