Atherton-based morris dancing troupe ‘Fever’ made a special and unusual performance during a Church Service.

The troupe, founded in January 2010, were ‘homeless’ and sought the help and support of Atherton Independent Methodist Church by way of using the Church schoolroom off Mealhouse Lane as their new home.

One of the group leaders, Diane Splaine said: “We have struggled for quite some time in finding a venue that would allow us to regularly meet and practice. We have nearly 50 members ranging in age from two to 36. Approximately 25 of them are a mixture of boys and girls up to sixteen, some with learning difficulties."

Brian Barlow, member of the Church leadership team said: “When we heard of the plight of ‘Fever’, we had no problem in offering the schoolroom as a meeting and practice venue for them. They are excellent tenants and we recently thought it would be an idea to invite them to perform at one of our services. We were delighted when they accepted.”

The troupe kept the congregation entertained by an exciting children's display that blended perfectly into the service.

Dianne said: “We wanted to support the Church and it was a really specially evening, with ‘dancing in the aisles’ literally brought to life. The troupe committee of 12, three leaders and volunteers are very grateful to the Church for their support and to the parents and helpers who all combine to allow us to provide fun and fellowship for these children."