A ‘TOUGH’ ex-para spat in a gas man’s face in a road rage outburst which could have cost him his job, a court was told.

Father-of-two Shane McCash, 31, had threatened to Jonathon Paul: “I will cut your throat and stab you through your heart and make your wife a widow.”

He then assaulted him in the confrontation near Haslingden Tesco.

He had struck after challenging Mr Paul to ‘finish this’ on the supermarket car park, Burnley magistrates heard.

McCash, who had earlier pulled out in his Audi in front of the victim’s British Gas Van, now works as a security guard.

His solicitor urged the Bench to impose a conditional discharge for the ‘one-off, isolated incident,’ as that would not be seen by his bosses or the Security Industry Authority as a conviction. He would lose his job if he received a conviction.

The defendant will keep his livelihood, after the justices, who said there was ‘some provocation,’ gave him a 12 month conditional discharge.

McCash, of Beaumont Close, Bacup, had admitted assault by beating, last July 16. He must pay £50 compensation and £85 costs.

Andrew Robinson, prosecuting, said the incident started after Mr Paul was driving his van when McCash pulled out in front of him, near the ‘Winfield’s roundabout,’ at Rising Bridge, causing him to brake sharply.

The court heard, as they got to the roundabout, the victim and defendant pulled up next to one another and Mr Paul, who had flashed his lights at McCash, held up his arms in an outstretched manner, to indicate to the defendant: “What on earth are you doing?"

Mr Robinson said McCash was visibly angry, shook his fists, shouted something and drove off. He then stopped on a layby on the A56, waiting for the gas van to pass him. He pulled out again, travelled alongside him and said something through the window.

The Audi eventually went past, left the road at Tesco and the pair were then alongside each other again. McCash shouted, through the open car window: "Do you want to go and finish this on the car park?"

Peter King, for McCash, said the incident was unpleasant and some silly things were said.

Mr King said McCash served four years as a paratrooper.