GOLBORNE man Brian Simpson is among a group of Labour MEPs pushing for a major reform of Europe's agriculture policy.

"Labour will keep fighting for ambitious reform of Europe's Common Agricultural Policy," said Labour's spokesperson on agriculture in Europe Brian Simpson.

"Unfortunately, MEPs in the Agriculture Committee last week voted against much needed reforms."

"We are pushing for ambitious reform in a number of areas. we want the CAP to be more environmentally friendly, so we support 'greening payments' for farming that protects the climate and environment."

They also want to see a greater focus on rural development, to improve the competitiveness of rural areas and preserve rural and heritage preservation and an end to "unfair and inefficient spending".

Mr Simpson said: "I am very concerned that the current proposals will lead to some farmers being paid twice for implementing environmental protection measures.

"Double funding is a clear step backwards, and Labour will be fighting against this completely unacceptable use of taxpayers' money."

The European Parliament will be voting on the CAP formula in March.