VICTIMS of domestic abuse will have the support of a multi partner body launched for their protection.

Wigan Council, Wigan & Leigh Housing, police, children’s social care, probation, drug and alcohol services and independent domestic workers have combined.

They aim to provide an efficient and effective service, leading to more positive outcomes for victims of domestic abuse.

The new Integrated Safeguarding and Public Protection team (ISAPP) will share information and manage domestic abuse cases to prevent serious harm to victims and their children.

They will also work with offenders and respond to issues on a daily basis through home visits to help victims and direct them to the appropriate agency for help and support.

Leigh Councillor Kevin Anderson, member of the Building Stronger Communities Partnership board at Wigan Council, said: “This new partnership is good news for the borough, with an array of organisations working side by side enabling greater efficiency in responding to those identified as at risk and reducing the rate of reoffending.”