AN investigation into a Tyldesley councillor has been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Clr Robert Bleakley was under investigation by police for fraud and misconduct in public office following accusations that he altered an email of a council officer in March last year.

He was found guilty of the same offence earlier this month by a Wigan Council standards sub-committee.

It means the independent councillor’s emails will be monitored for 12 months and he will have to attend one to one coaching sessions, but all legal charges have been dropped.

Clr Bleakley said: “I congratulate the CPS on coming to the correct decision. Wigan Council is left with egg on its face and a huge bill that will be picked up by local taxpayers in addition to massive police and CPS costs.

“I wish to thank my loyal friends and supporters and the hundreds of members of the public who have unconditionally supported me throughout this very upsetting and stressful time.”

A CPS spokesman said: “Following a thorough review of this case in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, the CPS has made a decision that there is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction for an offence of fraud or of misconduct in a public office. Therefore no charges were brought against Mr Bleakley.”