THE county council has been criticised for spending thousands of pounds on a brick wall at an Accrington roundabout.

Wooden fencing was replaced at the roundabout near St Anne’s and St Joseph’s Primary School in Sandy Lane, with a wall and arrows pointing drivers in the right direction.

But local councillor Tony Dobson said he has been receiving calls from furious residents who have branded it a waste of money.

He said the low wooden fencing was put up to stop children playing football across the roundabout five years ago.

He said: “The council has spent £18,450 putting a wall in and some signs saying where to go at a roundabout.

It has arrows pointing in the right direction.

“£18,450 when we are meant to be struggling for cash is wrong.”

Oliver Starkey, highways manager for Hyndburn, said: “The fencing on this roundabout was originally put up to prevent parking as there was an issue particularly with parents visiting the nearby school causing an obstruction to buses.

“Local councillors had, over a number of years, supported a scheme to replace the fencing with a more permanent and attractive feature and a design was developed for the low stone wall.

“The wall also adds to the appearance of the roundabout because it can carry illuminated chevron markings which would otherwise be sited on posts.

"Around £10,500 of funding was identified from part of the highways budget which is set aside for discretionary local schemes supported by county councillors, with a further £4,000 contributed by Hyndburn Borough Council's area committee."

Coun Dobson said he had paperwork that shows the work cost £18,450.

However, Lancashire County Council said the work cost £14,500.