THOUSANDS of children found out where they will be attending primary school in September last week.

In the Wigan borough, of the 3,739 applications for primary school places – up from 3,670 last year – 90.77 per cent, or 3,394 children, got their first choice.

Of the remaining children, 5.32 per cent were offered their second choice, 1.82 per cent their third and 2.09 per cent were allocated a place at a school that was not one of their choices.

But one Atherton mum said she was devastated to find out that not only had her three-year-old not been allocated any of her three choices, but she had been offered a place at a school in Westleigh instead.

The parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I spent the whole day crying. It is so stressful and we are devastated.

“We applied for three schools within walking distance but they said that we were too far away. It doesn’t make sense.

“We both work and it will be impossible for us to drop our daughter off in Westleigh, and then make it to work on time.

“I have spoken to the council and they have said there are places at Atherton schools but we have to appeal or reapply to get a place at one of them.”

It means an anxious five-week wait before finding out whether their appeal will be successful and their daughter will be able to attend a school closer to home.

“I don’t understand why, if there are schools nearer to us with space, we have been sent to Westleigh. Even Hindley Green or a school in Bolton is closer,” she added.

Wigan Council said it was unable to comment on individual cases.