THE 'Say No To 460' campaign against the proposed construction of a waste recycling plant off Warrington Road, Leigh is growing.
Last week at the Greyhound Hotel locals were boosted by people from the Pennington area of Leigh against the recycling plans submitted by JWT Waste Services of Atherton.
People from the area were joined by Pennington residents at a meeting at the Greyhound Hotel.
A spokesperson for the 'Say no to 460' group explained: “460 is the number of heavy goods vehicles which would travel daily along Greenfold Way and Warrington Road to the waste facility which would handle up to 1,000 tons of waste every day.
"The Pennington residents are to form a separate action group Waste Not…Want Not and will be led by Stephen Gildart who may be contacted at
"Objection to the application comes from all quarters including residents, business and politicians. Councillors had prior engagements and it was impossible for them to change prior commitments but they offered apologies and wished the residents a successful outcome.
"MP Andy Burnham has also pledged his support."