A TEENAGE rapper is proving a hit in the world of social media.

Amy Burns, from Golborne, is better known as A Me B on Facebook where she has 1,900 likes and twitter where her following has reached 5,000.

The 19-year-old’s success follows her role as a support act for chart mainstays Tinchy Stryder and DJ Ironik.

“In five years I just hope I’m making a comfortable living from my music,” she said. “It’s not about fame and fortune, just keeping my feet on the ground and working hard.”

Amy – who has been producing music since she was 12 – raps heartfelt and meaningful lyrics to which people of all ages can relate.

When she was 17 Amy was described as a ‘polished act’ by BBC Introducing thanks to her distinctive and engaging style, which incorporates deftly-delivered rhymes and catchy hooks.

Amy has caught the attention of the industry, having been playlisted on 4 Music’s Box TV and nominated as Best Newcomer for the Official Mixtape Awards held in London.

The urban scene is mostly centred around the capital, but Amy has found her remote north west location to be both a blessing and a curse.

“On the one hand the urban music scene is centred very much around London so it can be hard to get noticed,” she said.

“It also means you stand out as something unique. I’ve received plenty of compliments on my accent.”

Though currently unsigned, Amy is sceptical as to whether the absence of a record deal is the hindrance it once was in today’s music industry.

“It’s a strange one,” she said. “A major label would obviously help on the financial side of things, but I also know plenty of artists who’ve been signed only to be put on the backburner and have their career stall.”

Ups & Downs, Amy’s second mixtape, is now available to download for free via her official website  here