A MAN who started committing crime when he was 12 years old was caught after he burgled a house in Atherton.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Jack Blower had drunk a large amount of vodka before breaking into the house in Everest Road, Hag Fold, and stole a television and DVDs.

He was given a 36-week jail sentence suspended for 18 months on Friday after the judge was told about Blower’s life and how he had found his time on remand ‘awful’.

Blower, of Prescott Street, Leigh, had pleaded guilty to the burglary and twice breaching bail by failing to attend court hearings.

Ken Grant, prosecuting, said that Blower broke into the house on the evening of February 3. After searching every room he left with the stolen property, but was spotted and arrested nearby.

When interviewed he said he had been drinking vodka and had little recollection of events.

The court heard that he had 10 previous convictions for a total of 18 offences.

Sentencing him, Judge Nigel Gilmour pointed out that the victim, a single mum, had stated how coming home to find her home raided had left her feeling sick and scared to live in her house.

He said: “You are responsible for those feelings.

“If you continue to drink as much as you do your liver will pack up and you will have an uncomfortable early death.”

Paul Treble, defending, said: “He is deeply ashamed and deeply remorseful.”

Blower must also be supervised for 18 months and complete an alcohol rehabilitation course.