A WOMAN has been jailed for five years after pouring boiling water onto an elderly man and hitting him round the head with a kettle.

Davina Lily Norris became angry when her 61-year-old friend, Michael Brown refused to give her money for drugs, Burnley Crown Court heard.

When he refused she went into the kitchen to boil the kettle and returned to the lounge where she poured boiling water over his shoulders and torso, prosecutors said.

The court heard Norris then followed the victim out of the house as he ran into the street crying for help.

While they were both on the road Norris hit him with the spout of the kettle causing a serious head injury, police said.

After the attack he went home and contacted the police as Norris fled in the opposite direction leaving the kettle behind on the roadside.

The ‘unprovoked attack’ which left Mr Brown with 14 separate first degree burns, a serious head injury and permanent scarring took place at his home in Devon Place, Church.

Norris also threatened to kill him if he got blood on her white jeans, during the November 2011 attack, the court heard.

The drug addict, of Frederick Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent.