EASTLEIGH FC under-11s are real high fliers – and have the shirts to prove it.

The junior teams received three sets of different coloured shirts courtesy of Sir Maurice Flanagan, the Leigh-born executive vice-chairman and one of the founders of Emirates Airlines.

The Dubai-based Leyther and his wife Lady Audrey have never forgotten the day that Sir Maurice was knighted by the Queen.

He returned home to find a huge celebration meat and potato pie which had been created to mark the occasion by Peter Fort, the 49 year-old master baker and product development manager at Waterfields’ Leigh bakery, who also happens to help look after the youngsters at Eastleigh FC.

“It made my day,” said Sir Maurice, now executive vice-chairman of the airline which he set up 25 years ago on the instructions of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, now the ruler of Dubai.

Ten years earlier he had another Waterfield’s surprise when he received the CBE and another huge Leigh pie was presented to him.

Peter and his wife Andrea, from Westleigh, were delighted when Lady Audrey sent over a package of dates hand-picked from their garden in Dubai, but Peter was over the moon when the shirts were delivered.

“A massive box arrived at Waterfields containing 33 red, white and blue shirts, it was a complete but pleasant surprise,” said Peter.