I am trying to find out which regiment my grandfather, Richard Lofthouse, served in during the First World War.

There were two people from Bolton with the same name who served, and after a search at the National Archives, Kew, and with help of the Museum in Bolton, I have worked out that one of these (the younger of the two) served with the Lancashire Fusiliers.

I now believe that this person worked in the mill in Daubhill prior to enlisting, and was the son of my grandfather's eldest brother Andrew.

The other one, my grandfather, Richard, (b. 1880 m. Margaret 1901) also served, but I can't be certain about the regiment.

There are two possibilities listed on the Medal Card, a Richard Lofthouse who served with the Kings Royal Rifles, and then the Machine Gun Corps, and a Richard Lofthouse who served with the Welch Regiment and then the South Lancashire Regiment.

Moving from one regiment to another in the First World War was not unusual.

The problem is that the medal lists and medal rolls held at Kew do not give the sort of information I need to decide which is the correct one.

If anyone can help or can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful.

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