BOLTON’S Conservative MP says his Government must deliver on the Prime Minister’s pledge to build ‘a new generation of council houses’.

Theresa May announced at the Tory Party conference yesterday an additional £2 billion to ‘allow homes to be built for social rent well below market level’.

The Prime Minister said she would take personal charge of ‘getting government back into the business of building houses’, but Bolton West MP Chris Green wants more details on the plans.

He said: “It is all about delivery.

“I was interested to hear what she had to say but, as with all things, I am far more interested in the detail rather than the headline in the speech.

“I will be looking for more information about how the government will spend these additional funds.

“I am concerned that they could be disproportionately sent to the South East.

“The concerns they have there are very distinct from what we have here.

“We need to focus government policy more on the needs of the North of England and I was pleased to hear the Prime Minister support the direction George Osborne was taking the government in, in terms of the values of the Northern Powerhouse.”