A LONG-SERVING Bolton MP has called on a leading construction company refurbishing Big Ben to be stripped of its £29 million contract because of its role in blacklisting workers.

Sir David Crausby is one of 75 MPs to back a motion in Parliament calling on the Government to award the contract to a company that ‘observes the letter and spirit of the law’, rather than Sir Robert McAlpine.

Last year, the firm was among a number of leading construction companies that made an out-of-court settlement over blacklisting claims.

Some £50 million was paid in compensation to more than 700 workers, with union legal costs estimated at £25 million.

Despite this, Sir Robert McAlpine has been awarded the contract to refurbish the iconic clock tower.

The Bolton North East MP said: “As a former engineer and trade union convener I have seen blacklisting first hand and know the devastating effect it can have on people just trying to make a decent living for their family.

“This practice should have no role in modern Britain and we should seek to hold companies to the highest standards if they want to take on public sector contracts.”