Tory councillor for Hulton

LAST week Labour voted against Conservative plans to put a cap on the total benefits that a household can receive.

The cap would put an end to the unfair system Labour created, stop the "something for nothing" culture and help incentivise people into work.

In the Welfare Reform Bill, currently before Parliament, we are bringing in a cap on the benefits that an out-of-work household can claim.

The cap, linked to weekly average earnings, will limit the amount a household can receive in benefits to £26,000 a year so that people can no longer earn more in benefits than the income of the average working family.

In work you would have to earn £35,000 before tax to come out with the equivalent.

But Labour voted for wrecking amendments in the house of Lords that would have rendered the cap obsolete. Last week Labour showed yet again how out of touch it is.

The party of something for nothing still believes that benefits to families should be effectively unlimited.

Hard working families across Bolton will look in horror at Labour, the party that brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy, now voting against a cap on benefits.