Education officials are demanding that web bosses shut down sites set up by pupils to mock their school.

Facebook has taken down a page set up by a group of sixth form students at Varndean College in Brighton after teachers complained it breached the school’s copyright.

The fake page, a light hearted look at life at the college, was immediately taken down by Facebook.

A similar site set up by the same group on Twitter is now being targeted by the school.

But Twitter has so far refused – so long as the students make sure the page states it is a parody.

Featuring a fake logo, it says: “Not so official Twitter Account for Varndean College Brighton & Hove.”

Among other things, it has claimed the school is closed due to a zombie apocalypse.

The page is followed by a number of people including some Brighton and Hove councillors.

A spokesman for Twitter said: “Twitter firmly believes in the freedom of expression.

“However, impersonation that misleads, confuses, or deceives is against our rules.”

The 18-year-old pupil who set up the Facebook and Twitter accounts, with two friends, said: “We are not very happy at college at the moment with some teaching and the computer systems.

“But we just set it up for a bit of fun so we were surprised they intervened so quickly.”

A Varndean College spokesman said: “We reported the fake Facebook page to Facebook so they took it down. Facebook has a clear policy of not allowing fraudulent accounts.

“If they are fake they have to make clear they are parody. This was not done.”

Fake Varndean tweets from @Varndead