Keen collector Phyllis Newnham is unlikely to ever be short of a tea towel.

The 89-year-old widow has 500 of them, along with scores of Chinese artefacts, Japanese treasures, 4,000 postcards and other collectables.

Until recently she also had 2,000 spoons but sold them for £500.

She now wants to sell her tea towels – all but one of which are unused – but said she will only accept at least £500 for them.

Mrs Newnham, of Portslade, said: “The postcards come from all over the place. I’ve been collecting for 40 years.

“I love them but I don’t know what to do with them. I want someone to buy them. I don’t want to pop my clogs and leave my daughter them.

“I also collect glass, green, blue, brown and red glass and plates.

“I have a cabinet full of Chinese bits. I don’t clean them so they are very dusty.

“I like the Chinese, they look after their elderly.

“I have to stop myself buying more tea towels.”

If you are interested in making Mrs Newnham an offer call Anna Roberts on 01273 544539 or email .