PLANS to build 14 new homes on protected land in Westhoughton have been rejected

Bolton Council says that the potential benefits of the outline proposals for land off Dixon Street ‘would not outweigh the harm to the character of the area’.

The site is designated as ‘protected open land’ and is used for the grazing of horses.

A council report into the plans said: “It is considered that the proposed development would form inappropriate development and an incongruous feature in the context of the surrounding landscape which would cause harm to the visual amenities of the area.

“In addition, the proposal would be detrimental to the openness of the open protected landscape and would be harmful to the character of the wider area.”

Westhoughton Town Council had previously objected to the plans, submitted by a Mr Cartwright, because the site is adjacent to a wildlife corridor with protected species located within it.

The applicant had another plan for the site rejected last year on similar grounds.