A NEW lighting retailer which aims to transform the industry in the UK has launched in Bolton.

LUX365 is set to capitalise on the growth of LEDS and revolutionise the UK’s £2bn market.

The company has spent 12 months creating a website that allows electrical installers and contractors to choose from more than 800 high quality LED products via smartphone.

These can then despatched to locations all over the UK on the same day.

The LUX365 website is backed by a sophisticated warehouse at Wingates Industrial Estate, Westhoughton, staffed by more than 20 expert lighting professionals.

Billy Knight, CEO of LUX365, said, “Whilst lighting technology has rocketed ahead, the way lighting professionals are serviced has stood still.

“Today’s installers need high quality and a low price.

“They want to order from wherever they are, safe in the knowledge it will arrive on site swiftly.

“The online options available to the trade today are woefully inadequate and we intend to change that.”

The global LED lamp market is projected to more than double, reaching $54bn by 20225.

LUX365 intends to capitalise on this, with plans to open further websites, warehouses and fulfilment centres across Europe in the next two years.”