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MATCHDAY LIVE: Wanderers 2 Sunderland 2

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    Rememberscarborough 2:38pm Sat 5 Jan 13
    This might be the defence that can actually keep a clean sheet....
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    steveG 2:40pm Sat 5 Jan 13
    I do hope their energy levels are high again.Oh and it would help if they've learned not to lose.
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    boltonnut 2:53pm Sat 5 Jan 13
    Freedman is as bad as Coyle wih his feeble excuses.Rememer these classics?We need a more experianced team,we need more youth, we need better refs.we need more effort,more fans, better weather,more money,better players,fitness programes,mind sets etc.He's still talking about promotion when the sad fact is Bolton is alot closer to going down than up.I can see todays excuses,(if they lose,hope they don't).it was an experiment,weak team,injuries,we played a premieship team blah blah blah.If you really want to keep your job,do it but keep your mouth shut.Go whites go
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    Reebok Al 6:56pm Sat 5 Jan 13
    The low attendance didn't surprise me, it was a nothing game to a lot of people who have been disillusioned by the Wanderers' performances this season. Freedman needs time to sort out his playing staff, and I hope from now on he concentrates his attention on the back five.
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    Beyond News Forum 11:12pm Sat 5 Jan 13
    I cannot believe you lot! 26 games in and you are whining like spoiled children... I believe the saying goes: 'it's not over til the fat lady sings.' DF can't do right for wrong with some fans at BWFC. What did you expect? DF to have all the answers within 10 games at the helm? A sudden change in fortunes because of a different face? The team is only as good as the board... That is where your problems lie, not with DF. He has acquired several dead donkeys and a couple of good players. When Holden went down with injury and CYL was out for over a year, we didn't keep hold Klasnic because he didn't get the game, was hoodwinked by the Scandinavian and have been let down by players who are simply not fit to wear the white shirt... How rude of you to blame DF. We had a great manager in Coyle, but the fact remains he couldn't get those dross players to play football for whatever reason and so it continues... Big Sam, Alex Ferguson, The Special One could not get some of them players out of bed and onto the pitch, so what makes you think DF is going to do any different? Now we see the classic board move for a player that has cost them 300k... WTF? Is Gartside for real? To me Gartside might have a great business background, he might be a millionaire, he might have a good investor in toe, but the man certainly cannot speculate to accumulate. It makes me wonder if his millions have been handed to him on a plate sometimes. Bolton Wanderers may have to get into serious debt before making a push back into the EPL, and even if we do get into the EPL we have too many teams there that can and will spend big. How on Earth can we compete with them? Take a look at the teams that have had huge investment, even in the last year... they are the ones in the TOP half of the EPL. In business you reap what you sow, if you do not invest you get no returns. Bolton Wanderers need an investor who is willing to take a punt and bring us out of the dark and make us a fashionable club, take us to the next level. It will take about 100-million in hard GBP before BWFC even can think about wining trophies or grabbing those European slots again. BWFC are simply NOT going to get the Big Sam days back without that investment. You have to look at the value of the squad, the pride in that white shirt... it is not there at all except for Chris Eagles, Mark Davis, Petrov, and could be Joe Riley if given more of a chance prior to limping off today. Stuart Holden? Well time will tell if he comes back the same player. other than those we have a huge problem. Big Sam had a knack of convincing big players at the back end of their careers to come to the Reebok. He turned those careers around, and it was not just his personality that did that. So today we acquire a player for 300k, Big Sam brought in many players that changed the shape of BWFC if only for 5 years or so... those players a few years before Sam brought them in would have been worth around 100 million or more. This philosophy of bringing in Championship experienced players is not going to work... they are playing in the Championship years at a time for a reason. They are simply not good enough for the Premier League. No we need players that have EPL experience, brought in on contracts and are HUNGRY to get their own back on the teams that let them go, and so gain promotion to the premier league... And Mr. Gartside knows I have heard those words spoken at the Reebok Stadium during Big Sam's tenure. So what is up? Perhaps we could have a statement from the board as to the future investment program so we can speculate whether or not support West Ham Wanderers from now on... because if there is not going to be a pot of gold any time soon... you will be choosing a team to support in the EPL for years to come and BWFC will be consigned to League One within 2 years.
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