LAST Monday, I was at the Lancashire FA for a planning meeting in relation to the “Silent Weekend” we want all our clubs to sign up to on March 8 2014.

Check out the Lancashire FA website for full details but in essence we would like our clubs to support this event and make it a fun, enjoyable day for all with tactics given to the players before the start.

That means there will be an update to be given at half time and a debrief at full time, but in between applause only!

Yes, some will speak and that is where the added fun comes in as clubs and teams can use the event as a fundraiser for their club or chosen charity!

If people speak, get them to throw a pound in a bucket!

We would like referees, coaches, clubs and parents to help make this an experience.

The event is being promoted by the Lancashire FA in national, regional and local media and a full evaluation of the day with questionnaires in relation to its affect will be commissioned.

If this one day gets one gobby individual to cease their behaviour then it will be a worthwhile experiment.

This Monday was our committee meeting and what a great evening, with inputs from Malcolm Russell from Bolton Council with regards to facilities development in the future and how things are improving.

We had the great news that the Horwich St Mary’s development at Scholes Bank is soon to commence, and we covered lots of topics from retention of players to development of referees.

One thing came out of that meeting more than anything else was how extremely lucky I am to have such enthusiastic, dedicated people on the BBDFL committee who will try anything to progress the game in this area and beyond.

If I am lucky, the people of the Bolton, Bury and District catchment area are to and you can rest assured with this core of people the game is in very good hands.