REGARDLESS of the outcome of today’s cup clash, Dougie Freedman will not be talking transfers with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after the final whistle.

Kevin McNaughton and Joe Mason remain on the Wanderers wish list in the current transfer window – but Freedman doubts whether this evening will be the best time to do business.

“I’ve found you can only have a word with an opposing manager if you get beat,” he said. “If he wins, I’m not in a good mood, so it’s difficult to do after the game.

“I think it’ll be best left until Monday morning and any Premier League managers these days take their deals right to the line – the reason why is that they then get the best buys.

“Maybe with a few days to go you can talk to the Premier League managers and say ‘have you got anyone left behind?’ That’s where we are right now.”

Freedman studied for his coaching badges alongside Solskjaer, then still turning out for Manchester United in the Premier League. And the Wanderers boss knew then the Norwegian was on his way to being a successful coach.

“You get the feeling straight away when you meet him,” the Scot said.

“You get a feeling he’s serious, you get a feeling he’s humble, you get a feeling he’s educated himself in the football world.

“That doesn’t mean he’s going to be successful. Football’s not fair, like life, it doesn’t mean because he’s done it he’ll get results but he’s given himself the best possible chance to succeed and that’s very impressive in my eyes as a young coach.”